The Ultimate UX Checklist Every Designer Must Take Into Account

The Ultimate UX Checklist Every Designer Must Take Into Account

Right after you have finalized your complete UX list, do you ever feel like you lack something? However, you are unable to identify the thing that you exactly lack. It is unclear and confusing. Although, if you have the overall process and the perfect recipe to the UX design that you might follow every time, then maybe you can do the trick.

We all may have observed that the consumer needs are getting more and more diverse each day, and fulfilling them as a whole can be a bit difficult. Along with their retention is even more difficult. To make sure that you fulfill your task completely as a designer from your end, you must have a checklist to tick, after you have gone through that one. Consider that you are cooking an endeavor with many other great ingredients. When everything is compiled and turned smoothly, a successful UX design will be generated, which is the final look of your cooked meal.

However, having a complete checklist of all those ingredients is what the real game is, in order to make your life a lot better and easier. It will not only simplify the process but will also help you to stay focused. This entire phase consists of many processes, which includes planning, estimation, preparation, competitor analysis, SEO, analytics, mobile assessment and lastly, the testing. Testing plays a vital role especially in conducting UX tests while designing websites.

Now here is the time to head to the checklist of those essential elements that we have been talking about since the first word.


To start from, whenever a person views your site, the first thing that pops up is your homepage. Homepage is the first impression and it reflects the overall idea of your business. Therefore, it must always be positive. It is entirely responsible for either to break or make the conversion rate of your site. Your homepage must really present the product/service and overall business that your organization is offering to them. So that it is quite clear, the user does not get confused on what he is looking at. What else you need to do is, make sure that complete details of your company mentioned in your home page, making it easier for the user. Moreover, add clear call to actions and words, which describes the process further on, and the benefits to the user.


To reach that extra mile, insert a sitemap as add on for your visitors, especially if it is a large website. The navigation should also have easy and clearly recognizable items, navigated easily within categories. In addition, this method should remain consistent throughout the website. Nevertheless, the URL of the website should always be simple and something that is easy to recall.

User Experience

Preparing the best user experience on any website is just like a dream turned into reality for any web design agency. There are plenty of small things to take into account. Always make sure that the webpage does not refresh or load itself, as this feature excessively irritates the user. Make sure that there no hidden costs or charges on your site as it makes them to directly say, no. You can also add some real images of your products with models wearing them etc. If you want them to take action, add a catchy call to action or any other action. However, remember to just keep it short, precise and try adding just the required things, there should not be any over stuffing.

Search Functions

If the website you have designed is large enough to store all the details and services, and other information, make sure that your website owns a search function. The upper portion must have a search bar with search field that is wide enough to highlight the typed query. Matching with their keywords, make some links available and make each of the element easily available.


If you have decided using a particular color for the links, make it different from the colors of the links that have been visited. If there are some particular brands, make sure that you add some functional buttons there. You can involve them in the form of links as well, but not everyone can easily find out the commands. We have observed, that users wants everything to be displayed upfront, DO NOT play talent hunt with the user and make it easily available for the user. Also, consider if there are any broken links, if found, try to fix them.


An easily written content, which is understandable to any normal person, must be your top priority. Choose the background colors, theme and text colors wisely to make the content readable. Once you are done with the content that is short and contains precise paragraphs to be conveniently scanned. In addition, if there are any update with your business, do not forget to update your website with any stats, information or details.


When you are finally done with all the major functions, you need to pass your website through a test to make sure there are no errors. If you are performing a test, perform it with target users and that too in real time. Pages like 500 and 404 error might also exist. Compatibility and Certification with various browsers, can also serve as a plus point.


Lastly, if you are updating some forms on your site, DO NOT ask unnecessary questions and it irritates the user and will increase your website’s bounce rate, avoid doing this. Include only the details you genuinely require and using field labels that includes some common terms like name, location, age etc. Include the autofill option as well and avoid the drop down menus as well, instead of users scrolling all the way down.

Therefore, now you hold the complete checklist for your next UX design. Make sure that you are ticking the most of them in your next website design. Good luck!

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