Everything you need to know about the upgraded Google Hangout Chat

Everything you need to know about the upgraded Google Hangout Chat: Beginner’s Guide

Here is about something that was long-forgotten, Google Hangout Chat. Google is surely the pioneer and head among many different virtual aspects, however, it lacked behind when it came to their chat feature. Few months back, Google updated their chat application, they invested into their application by investing in their chat feature, giving the user a google assistant, called as Google Allo. The entire theory was a create an assistant just like Siri, Cortana, Alexa etc. which later developed into the official Google Assistant as well. However, Allo did not gain much apprehension nor the recognition, as Google predicted. Hence, Google had to try something new and they upgraded their Google Hangouts application and it is something phenomenal.

Google Hangouts is a bit similar to the functionalities of slack application. The scope behind the application was to minimize the need and the burden for emails and make the communication more convenient. It allows the users to share files and information more conveniently to clients, colleagues, family etc. Some other upgraded features it has are smart chat, multiple app integrations, threaded discussions etc. However, there is still no replacements for emails in corporate world. It also includes a Chat bot for customers visiting.

The First Sight of the All Upgraded New Google Hangout Chat

It was about a year ago when Google came up with the idea of unscrambling the Hangout Chat application into two multiple applications in the G-suite products. Once they made their announcement, their first product came into existence, known as Hangouts Meet. This application was a tool for video conferencing tool which offered the option for virtual meetings. It allowed the professionals and customers to share desktop, laptop, video and presentations for a better understanding of deliverables.

After that update, Google thought about even separating the entire Chat filter, which they called as Hangouts Chat. The whole purpose was to give a platform that allow multiple professionals to create a chatting environment among different enterprise groups. Today, Google has successfully developed multiple software for this purpose such as Facebook Workplace, Cisco Spark, and Microsoft Teams, already offered under one simple platform. Google is a bit late to join this corporate party, however, it is never too late to provide your customers what they really need. Here are the few things you may catch after downloading the Google Hangout; the upgraded version.

Things to do with the new Google’s Hangout Chat

Okay, so before we dig deeper into all the features the new application has in store for us, let us catch an understanding for the basics first.

  • What is the purpose of Google Hangout Chats? – Google Hangout Chat enhances the team meetings and collaboration with their all new chat features. In this, you not only talk to your users but it allows you to share work files and information with each other as well and strengthens the professional bond.
  • Who can get the most advantage from the upgraded Google Hangouts application? – Most of all, all the G-Suite customers can be benefited from it the most. It gives them a place, or a central stage to share their information altogether. The communication between teams can be made easier.
  • How to make use of the Google Hangouts Chat? – In order to use this application, you must visit the G-Suite, then choose the Connect option from the features given, within that, choose the Hangout Chat option. By choosing this option, you will be told to go through a step by step guide on how to select the Google Chat software for your entire personal or professional use.

How to Build Up Google Hangouts for Business Collaboration

In order to begin with the Google Hangouts chat using the G-Suite, this platform requires to provide with a few important details, such as;

  • How many employees are hired by your company?
  • Contacts information and details.
  • Does your business contain a proper domain?

Once you answer them all, you must insert a username and password for your account. Furthermore, you must add your company’s official email address and some other credentials for business ownership and verification. Done and dusted with all? You can add up your professional mates, along with their business email addresses and there you are! You are good to go.

Set the Table for all

Be honest, for once in your lifetime, you might have visualized a place where you can gather all your team at once, so all can communicate easily altogether? However, what is new? Many platforms are already doing that correct. How Google Hangout do is any different from them? It stays above the competition with the ease in collaboration it provides. Doesn’t matter whether you are looking to collaborate with a single person or with the entire team, it furnishes with organized scenarios where teammates can share, much more than messages.

You can publish all your work documents altogether, analyze all the numbers in spreadsheets, project virtual presentations, all under one roof only.

Creating Messaging and Rooms

When you are working through the Hangout Chat, you are either the host into the entire chat or the invitee, there is none in between. Now, if you are playing the host, you must create a chat room and invite the other team members for collaboration. However, if you are not the one hosting, you must wait for an invitation to join the chat room with other mates. You will receive a notification for invitation, once the host invites you. Right after you accept it, you can become a part of the virtual room. Congratulations! You can now join the party with rest of your teammates.
AOL and Slack, focuses just upon the important messages, Google Hangout works on the personal work bonding and conversations. It is surely the new millennial app you must make part of your workplace now! Enhance your surrounding and develop worthy understanding and relationships with teammates.

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