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Usage of Hashtags to improve Brand Recognition and Boost Sales

Usage of Hashtags to improve Brand Recognition and Boost Sales

In the era of digital media, hashtags are the most common and popular technique of categorizing updates of social media, as they allow user to simply type the keyword and find the relevant information they have been looking for, in accordance to that keyword. Using the correct keyword and Hashtags can make your content and page quite easy to find and discoverable, along with allowing you to find relevant content from more people and competitor’s brands. If there are, other social media users having mutual interests as yours, hashtags allows you to easily connect with them.

Most of you have definitely heard about the term Hashtags and been using it on different platforms since long, they have now become the eminent part of different social media platforms and channels. In the last span of years, Hashtags have become so popular that they were added to Scrabble Dictionary in 2014 and Oxford Dictionary in 2010. Many people know what Hashtags are, as well as their exploitation but there are a lot of those who do not know the correct usage of Hashtags.

Hashtags have maintained their strong position in almost all the top social media networks, which includes Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many more!
However, here comes the question, how to use the hashtags? If you know the trick of using Hashtags, then you have the key to your business success. Here are some tips for social media marketing, using Hashtags.

Create Engaging and Relevant Hashtags

If you are creating or maintaining your brand hashtags, it is not necessary to mention your brand name in every hashtag. Hashtags are more about representing your brand values, objectives, what it stands for etc. In fact, brand hashtags are also effective for user-generated contests and content.
For e.g. with the objective to capture user-generated content and user engagement, Lay’s created a brand hashtag campaign with #SayItWithASmile, this made people to buy their favorite packs and share their selfies all over social media platforms.

Learn how to be Specific when using Hashtags

Whenever it comes to using Hashtags, it is essential to be specific. It is commonly advised to focus on one dedicated community or group that shares the topics of one particular industry. The more specific Hashtags you will use, the more targeted your content and audience will be. Therefore, if you do not have your brand focused and oriented hashtag, create one or two that really fits according to the product or service that you offer.
For example, if it’s skin products that your brand is offering, avoid using the Hashtag #SkinProducts and opt for something more specific according to your product, just as #AcneProducts #FlawlessSkin #SayNoToAcne, these Hashtags will be specific and will target specific customers – people having acne.

In the same way, if your brand is Mineral Water, instead of using #MineralWater, you can use #HealthyLife #PureWater etc.

Learn the usage of Hashtags for Every Social Media Platform

The basic purpose of Hashtags is tagging and content discovery, however, the usage of Hashtags will vary from one social media network to another. Hashtags on the video and photo sharing platforms are commonly used in the description of the content. Although when it comes to Twitter, the scenario changes and the Hashtags are more about the group of people or the topic of conversation that you would like to use.
This is why, it is important to do proper research and discover how to use Hashtags for different social media platforms. Most of the channels have guides for using Hashtags try to read them carefully. Moreover, try to use the most trending Hashtag on different social media platforms. The energy and time you will put in Hashtags will lead to great long-term benefits.

These were some top guidelines on how Hashtags can boost up your sales incredibly.

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