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User Experience is Everything; 7 Rules of Modern Web Design

When the Internet was new, there was no question about web design. But software has become important as the web has developed into a necessity. Consumers hang around with thoughtful design and become regular visitors. Strong development is going to market the product on its merit.


To create a beautiful site that encourages users to come back again and again, you should follow the rules of modern web design:


Rule#1-Understand how people view your website:

The brain is not looking at all in the same way. Near the top left should be the most important item on the display, then the rest of the items should be smartly positioned with large items leading the eye around the screen. 


Rule#2-Limit Choices:

People tend to avoid making one when there are too many options. You should limit the choices that appear on the screen if you want people to place orders on your website. You may have 50 things to sell, but only five at a time. Grouping them makes it even easier to choose the options.


Rule#3-Highlight big things:

If you want people on the screen to pay attention to things, make them big. Think about your music app on your phone; usually, the biggest item on the screen is the most important part – the play button. Website Design Jeddah recommends photographs should be the biggest things on the website, so your viewers can see what you are selling.


Rule#4-Rule of thirds:

This is a classic aspect of design in the photography world. It prevents people from focusing on items perfectly on the page. This same design element will live on in web design and the most important thing should not be front and center, but in the middle of one of the thirds should be off to the side.


Rule#5-White space Please:

People don’t know where to look when a website is crowded. White space helps them find out what’s important on the website. White space is the space that doesn’t contain words or images on your website–even if the space isn’t white. You should use more to keep your website balanced than you think.


Rule#6-Proximity Matters:

People notice when you put similar stuff next to each other. By pairing them up, you can sell more things. The brain is always looking for patterns and it helps make the mind content with similarities. The human brain can close up missing objects as long as there is sufficient information. SEO Company Dubai offers opportunities for people to use their minds in fun ways.


Rule#7-Simplicity is what matters:

The universe is dominated by simple design. Consider how popular minimalist design is and use online ideas. Limit your fonts and colors. Keep your lines clean and free of clutter on your page. Use large images and needed icons.


Rule#8-Feature Videos:

Many websites make it a point to include a short video featuring on the homepage the product they endorse. For this video, an auto-play option is ideal as most users tend not to click on their feature videos.

If included, this video should clarify the service with its merits in simple words. This is to the advantage of the customer because if he thinks it is difficult, he will refuse to use the service.


Rule#9-The Color Scheme:

Make it a point for any website you model to use a vibrant color scheme. Vibrant doesn’t mean too loud or too light. Any website’s colors must be in contrast to that website’s font as well as the imagery. Web Design Dubai has one of the best color schemes for your website. Moreover, whatever the website certifies, a website’s color scheme must be correct.


Rule#10-Live Chat:

These days, most of the good websites come with live chat aid. They quickly replace the “Call us” pages on most websites where an answer is extremely rare.

Live chats allow an employee at the website’s main center to stay online at all times, usually in shifts, so that he can listen to what the audience has to say and provide a suitable answer account.

You just need to learn how to position elements on a website to stimulate and sustain the user’s attention while retaining a reasonably balanced visual effect. Follow the rules, and you can’t go wrong.


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