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Using Humor in Design to Make the Website Interesting!

Companies need to do more than produce a good product or provide reliable service to succeed in the modern, highly competitive market: they need to establish a bond with their users. By establishing an emotional connection with users, it is possible to create a bond.


Why is humor important?

People are not simply using products; they are witnessing them. We bring emotions into this experience every time we communicate with a particular product. We always have feedback in our ears, whether it is positive or negative. But what makes unforgettable one product, and easily forgettable others?

Humor sells. It makes your product experience more memorable. Bringing a smile to the face of a user can transform it from likable to lovable. As a result, not only do people remember an enjoyable experience, they also tell others about it.


4 types of humor designs to be used:

Humor and fun in many ways can come. Website Design Jeddah is going to review only a few basic types of humor in this article.


1. Personification:

Personification applies to artifacts or beings’ human characteristics. It is one of the most popular ways to use humor in both product design and marketing, as personalization makes understanding key concepts easier for people.

Designers often use mascots as a tool for personification. Many world-famous brands are using mascots to bake their brand identity with a personality. Mascots have become a natural part of brand identity for some of them— when people hear a brand name, they imagine a mascot in their minds.

Mascots can be used in digital products for many different purposes. A mascot can welcome visitors to your website and make them feel more comfortable. Or when consumers need extra care and support, this can be used at the time of depression.

It is important to make mascots a normal part of a consumer experience when it comes to using mascots in virtual products. Timing and user expectations are therefore two main properties that should be considered. 


2. Comparison with exaggeration:

This kind of humor puts together two (or more) objects to create a humorous comparison. This kind of irony makes the point you’re trying to make easier for people to understand.


3. Surprise:

When something happens that is not in line with their beliefs, people feel a sense of shock. The key detail of a successful surprise is that a person should not expect something to happen. Individuals who think they open a letter are not prepared for the glitter blast that covers them. Not everyone would find it funny, but the intention is to create a surprisingly humorous situation.


4. Pun:

A Mobile App Development Dubai uses language elements to create new meanings that will lead to humor. Use puns to memorize parts of your experience or increase the likelihood that users will remember parts of their experience.


5. Bait:

Humor can be used as a bait to get users to stick around for just a little longer or to get them to do the activities they want.

By having something funny, mysterious or witty jumping in front of your users when they enter your website, you can achieve this.


When to use Humour?

It is important to know where to use humor to promote the relationship with users in a way that helps. For example, if the user has successfully sent an email or placed an order online, you can use humor. SEO Dubai add humor when a user updates their information about their online profile. But make sure you make wise use of humor. For example, don’t use humor to remind them of their situation when someone has tried to make an online purchase but has insufficient funds. 


About Us Page gives a reflection of your sense:

Humor has been shown to have a positive mood and memory effects. That means it’s easier to remember funny information than a funny one. A website of humor is more memorable.

You can make the About Us page hilarious and entertaining if you want to retain your users and attract more attention to your website. You can choose to humorously represent your team members and bring your brand and business closer to users.


Let’s Get in Touch:

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