How Will the Voice Search Impact Search Engine Optimization

Hey Google: How Will the Voice Search Impact Search Engine Optimization?

At Adweb Studio, we love to remain of top of the Search engine optimization trends and now the one we are quite determined about is the emerging voice search. Today, we can see about three big things happening with the ultimate voice search, it is much more accurate than ever, more than it should be, it has plenty of household products equipped with the voice search, and the number of voice search problems is also rising now. In fact, do you know, around 40% of adults perform and use the search engine bot for at least once a day.
It means that many few people actually type the way that they speak, which could mean that the websites are now optimizing for the way searchers type may not always match the way searches could speak. As more and more people are now using voice search to get the information they want online, the way the search engine optimization works will change. Now, as we focus upon the SEO trends of 2018, easily find out what you can do to prepare for the growth and increase in the overall voice searches.

How does the Voice Search Work?

As speaking is much more convenient than typing, people are now using the voice search almost everywhere, from their smartphones to tablets to the voice assistants to find all the information online. Whenever people need something the Apple users to Siri, at home they look out for Google Assistant, the Windows people have Microsoft Cortana and then there is dear Alexa even. Whether you are on a smartphone, sitting in your living room and chilling, at least for once you have used all of these devices.
When voice search element was completely brand new, it was quite fun to use it but people could not entirely rely on it for searching information as the voice recognition feature was extremely low. In 2013, it was around even below 80 percent. Unlike any other search-related thing, things have changed a lot from the past span of years. Today, after just 5 years, the voice search is almost 92 percent accurate, can you imagine? Without the little bit of doubts, all this technology is here to stay for long now.

Voice Search Results

In order to make your site optimized, it is quite helpful to know how the search engines are determining all the search results for voice search queries. All the voice controlled devices can give answers to all the search queries in two ways; they will state either the answer to a question, or furnish a website where it is likely or sure that you will find some answer.
As Moz recently did some study and research in which it analyzed around 1000 voice searches and found that the voice answers usually comes from featured snippets 87% of the time. Featured snippets can be called as Google search results that commonly appear in the block at some of the top of search result pages. They usually provide a series of answers that appear in a block at top of most of the search result pages, extracted from some webpages. The one way to look out for traffic from voice searches is to easily focus on appearing the featured snippet positions for the high-value search queries and beyond.

But, how do people use the voice search feature?

Voice search is a conversation

Google discovered that 70 percent of searches through the Google Assistant are interactive screens, which is very similar to another method that someone else asks. Although text searches are more conversational, voice search is still quite different from the way users interact with the text search box. To compete for voice search results, websites should focus on writing content in a conversational tone.

On mobile devices

Google has noticed that 20% of mobile shows are audio searches, and that number will continue to increase. It is important that you have a friendly website that appears above the search results. If you do not optimize your mobile phone, it is not only difficult to be in this place, but the visits you are trying to obtain from the voice search can leave your site without having to perform conversions.

How to Optimize for the Voice Search in 2018

Voice search does not mean that you should correct the entire SEO strategy or the content of your site, but it means that you must make minor changes to the voice search. Here are some additional steps in 2018 to improve search engine optimization on your site and prepare for impact audio searches.

Use Schema Markup

Since many of the search results get the best results, the use of graphics marking on your site is a good starting point for first place. You must use your original design on your site, but if you do not, this is a good reason to start.
Schema programming allows you to add structural information to your site and help search engines understand your content. When done correctly, graphics coding can generate fruit results in search results, which is also highlighted in desktop searches and on mobile devices.

Optimize your Google my Business Profile

If users search for popular “popularly searched” local search words, the optimization of your site will not be excellent. Instead, the device finds the user’s location and creates lists of online directories such as Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. Websites want to make sure that their businesses demand and improve these sites from local lists. When setting up or improving Google My Business or Bing Places for business profiles, the first step is to verify your name, address and phone number in the lists. Do not forget to take a look at other online directories. If there are different addresses on different sites, search engines do not know which URLs are correct and will create an opportunity for your voice search better results.

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