The Future of SEO How the Voice Search Will Impact SEO

The Future of SEO: How the Voice Search Will Impact SEO

At Adweb Studio, we love to stay on top of the latest SEO trends, and one we are keeping an eye upon ahead of time is the growing sector of voice search last year. These days, we can see almost three big things happening today with voice search, it is more accurate than ever, many of the household products are equipped with voice search and number of voice search queries is rapidly increasing. In fact, almost 40% of adults are now performing voice search once, per day.
However, many of the people type the way they usually speak, which means that websites optimized for the wat people speak might not always match the way people type out. Now as more and more people are using some voice search to find relevant information online, the way that optimizers do the work might shift. As we look on to the SEO trends of 2018,it is time to find out what can you do to prepare for the enhancement of voice search.

How does the Voice Search Actually Works?

Speaking through the phone is much more convenient than typing, people nowadays are using more voice searches on their tablets, smartphones and voice assistants to find the information or complete tasks online. Apple uses turns towards Siri, at home people usually ask Google Home, Amazon Alexa as well and Echo devices for some quick answers. If you own a PC or Windows phone, you might be using Microsoft Cortana. No matter, you are on a smartphone, in your living room or using your computer, you must have accessed the voice devices.
When the voice search is fairly new, it is a fun function to use, but the research was the most reliable. In 2013, Google’s word recognition accuracy was only less than 80%. As with anything else related to research, many things have changed in recent years. Today, voice search is accurate at 92%, while this technique exists to stay. Check out this video from Moz to get more information about this process.

Voice Search in Results

In order to optimize your website completely, it is essential to understand how the search engines are determining search results for voice search queries. All the voice controlled devices can primarily prove answers to search queries in any two ways; they will always state the answer to a question, or provide with some website where it is likely that you will find answers to some questions. Moz recently conducted a study that analyzed the search results of 1000 voice searches and found that voice responses were obtained 87% of the time. Featured pieces of Google search results are displayed in a block at the top of the search results page. They provide a summary of the response that you extract from a web page. One of the ways to increase the traffic of audio searches is to focus on appearing as the top priority for valuable searches.

How do people use the voice search?

Voice Search is quite Conversational

Google studies recently found that 70% of searches via the Google assistant are often conversational queries that resembles closely to one person would casually address some other person. Now, as the searches have become more of a conversational search, voice searches are still quite different from the way users now interact with a text search box. To compete for the voice search results, websites will always need to focus on writing content in some conversational tone.

On Mobile Phone Devices

Google has also found that almost 20% of mobile queries are now voice searches, and that number will still continue to rise. Having some mobile-friendly website will be quite critical to appear at the start of the voice search results. If you are not optimizing something for the mobile, not only it will be more difficult to rank at some top spot, but all the traffic you have worked hard to achieve from voice searches may end up going away without providing conversion rates.

How to Optimize for the Voice Search in 2018

People who use voice search often search the store, product or service near them. From a local search perspective, it is important to use phrases on your site that identify your city and your neighbors.

Optimize for Long Keywords and Be Conversational at Articles

Sometimes you are looking for conversation questions about your products, services and industry. You can use tools like “contact” to find the questions that users are following for your topic. Discover the industry and its keywords on your audio device. What types of responses are presented? Does the device respond or offer search results? You may find that you have a lot of competition or you may find that your competitors do not enjoy the opportunity to search for audio.
Voice search uses the natural language of conversation, which means that long-term key phrases are more important than ever. Ask questions about questions that are naturally asked about your business, product or service, ask them and look for ways to combine them in the version of your website.

Add an FAQ page on it

An efficient way to use those questions users are commonly searching for is to develop a thorough Frequently Asked Questions Page. You will definitely be able to incorporate all those actual questions users ask their devices with headings, increasing your chances of ranking on top of the queries.

Time to Optimize your Google my Business Profile

If users search for popular “popularly searched” local search words, the optimization of your site will not be excellent. Instead, the device finds the user’s location and creates lists of online directories such as Google My Business and Bing Places for Business.

Websites want to make sure that their businesses demand and improve these sites from local lists. When setting up or improving Google My Business or Bing Places for business profiles, the first step is to verify your name, address and phone number in the lists. Do not forget to take a look at other online directories. If there are different addresses on different sites, search engines do not know which URLs are correct and will create an opportunity for your voice search results.

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