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Want to Make a Visual Storytelling Design for Your Users?

Mobile App Development Dubai has been popular for a couple of years now and is likely to be one.

Because their tales have left our mind and heart with an enduring impression. We made us feel that we are part of the story and have our particular role and inspired us to also imagine every single character in our head.of the trends of the UI / UX for 2020.

In this blog, let’s find answers to all these questions–starting with finding out what digital or visual storytelling is and what its advantages are.


A quick view of visual storytelling:

Visual storytelling in UX design is described as a way to make user travel smoother, easier and more effective via visual media such as images, videos, graphics, speech, music, and audio.

The visual storytelling theory is widely implemented in the process of designing a mobile app’s UX to take advantage of a variety of advantages for both consumers and brands, such as:-


1) Better understanding:

Consumers sometimes struggle to interpret the words that are written in your request as you wish. They don’t get the core idea and react in the same way because of this.

Now, here, visual storytelling shows visual elements in their minds which create an impulse and add some meaning to what they see. It eventually allows them to grasp the concept’s core.


2) Easy to remember:

Since a human brain can interpret and process a story more efficiently than other forms of elements of interaction, the use of visual narration in layout makes it easier for users to remember the story.

This strategy increases the chances of users connecting the story with some locations, time, and materials, further improving their chance to recall the story if they visit all those places and materials.


3) More engagement:

The important thing about Visual Narrative or Virtual Storytelling is that it not only helps users see and understand the message they want to communicate, it also allows them to feel the complexity of the story. Social Media Agency Dubai allows them to see themselves as part of the definition and stay hooked to your product.


4) Higher leads:

The Visual Storytelling theory also allows companies to increase their sales numbers. The technique allows users to connect easily with the story’s main character, the choices he made, and therefore make up his mind. It effectively increases their chances of thinking about purchasing your specific product.


5) Effective Marketing:

Last but not least, Visual Storytelling provides a wider range of options for brands to promote their products and services using advanced technologies such as AR, VR, and IoT. Not only does this make the brand stand out from the crowd, but it also increases the chances that people can recall the brand if they hear, see, or discuss the story or anything related to it.

Tips to build an app with visual storytelling:


· Understand your target audience:

We represent a better response when you look into your target audience’s pain points and preferences and construct a visual story that they can easily relate to. They see your request as a useful resource and on the emotional front, they interact with you.

· Simple and interactive:

It is much easier for users to comprehend, understand, and remember a basic and engaging story than a detailed and complex story. And look forward to making one-liner visual stories.

· First Impression!

While thinking about how to use Visual Storytelling for UX development, the first impression plays a pivotal role in improving customer experience. Place the most compelling elements at the beginning of your visual story and add more eyeballs to your submission.

·  Human elements:

Customers find it easier to get acquainted when you illustrate your business story through a few people. We feel a sense of trust that inspires them to take action in your brand’s favor.



Investing in the concept of Visual Storytelling for the UI / UX development mobile app will offer a multitude of benefits to your product. Nonetheless, it is only possible when the right mixture of hard work, ingenuity, imagination, and integrity have been developed–something you can rely entirely on our Mobile App Development Riyadh.


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