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Ways in Which Facebook User Comments Benefit Your E-commerce Website

E-commerce stores are the most important place for people to buy stuff, social media plays a major role in motivating them to make these choices. This offers, for example, customer reviews of the businesses and products/services they offer. This forms a large part of the product research being done these days by online shoppers.


It will, therefore, be useful for the company to create a website for selling products and linking it to Facebook. The role of social media in the buying process of the consumer, as well as its ability to provide credible feedback, are two major factors that highlight the value of uniting Facebook into eCommerce.

In this guide, if you include them correctly, Web Design Dubai will concentrate on how Facebook user comments will help increase sales.

4 ways of improving e-commerce website:

In this segment, we will address the effect of Facebook user feedback on the success of your eCommerce store so that you can start to benefit from this technique.

1. Facebook user comments and reviews add credibility:

As we already know, when it comes to convincing people to make a purchase, customer reviews can be very impactful. Even a limited stream of actual customers ‘ genuine and thorough feedback will make a difference for many. 

Therefore, by using it, you can boost the reputation of your company as well as specific products. If customers have an option to read Facebook reviews, it will be taken by many of them.

There’s always room for improvement. While the fact that Willow Run Boutique shows on their website Facebook feedback means they’re off to the right start, you could be even better. This is how it works:

  • By distinguishing it from other menu items, make the Reviews section more prominent.
  • Make sure the text–the testimonial and the name of the customer–is easy to read by selecting a suitable font color. 
  • Because the reviews come from Facebook, it is important to include the profile photo of a customer. Do that to make the comments more sensitive.


  1. Increase Product Page engagement:

Another critical factor in determining whether a tourist is progressing is getting Facebook user feedback on product pages. If a potential customer knows that many people have gained from buying a product and are happy enough to leave a review, then they will boost their confidence to click on that Buy button. You can also learn about the particular benefits of a product as well as the circumstances in which it benefited others while reading the reviews.

With a great review site, Away does a good job of growing visitor interaction. But if you incorporate the following, you can be even stronger. 

  • Switch stars ‘ color to yellow to make them stand out and improve their ability to attract visitors ‘ attention.
  • Allow users to point out the most important things they enjoyed about the product, such as the Advantages section of bullet points.

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3. Replies will improve your image:

You saw it on Facebook: a customer posts a negative review of a company, and their representative responds by asking their order information and other ways they can help get things right. Whether it’s a negative or a positive review, sincerely listening to them shows how serious a company is about helping clients and ensuring their satisfaction. So, writing informative, polite, and appropriate responses to customer reviews are the main takeaway hereby Website Design Doha.

4. Makes visitors more comfortable and confident:

We recognize that customer reviews are at the root of creating a trust for the eCommerce brand as they influence the perceptions of people. Reviews also act as social proof as well as showing what items are worth buying. 

Reviews primarily decide how to think of a brand, a company, or a service. For example, there are many positive reviews of a product on Facebook. Therefore, many consumers are likely to be much more comfortable and confident in purchasing it compared to a product that has no feedback.


An important requirement for building brand reputation and influencing customer understanding is to make Facebook feedback readily available on your website – whether in a special section or product pages. One way of doing this is to add a summary feature for Facebook.

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