Ways To Create Website That Will Attract Your Visitors

Ways To Create Website That Will Attract Your Visitors

Your Website Is You & You Are Your Website.
Especially, if you are an organization. Your site tells the quality of your services & products.
It gives your customers a quick look your business & the people you are dealing with.
Well, you like it or not, your site structure & design really impacts:

  • What your clients think for your brand
  • Duration of their stay at your website
  • Would they like to hit your Call-To-Action button

Would they purchase? Would they subscribe for newsletter? Would they call you?

Go For Simple But Unique Design

We have checked out customers who want to show & sell each and everything they have on their homepage of the site.
However, we do not advise you to do this. Because it messes up your site. It give a bad user experience.
The top way is to put just a few services or products, which you want to show on the homepage. Put the rest of the services or products in internal pages.

Increase The Visuals & Decrease The Text

Truth is, no one wants to read the whole wall of text.
People usually like to see images & graphics. That is what our psychology is.
Human brain processes visuals 50,000 times faster than the regular text.
So, use visuals & images as much as you can, infographics & videos to circulate your message to your site visitors.
However, do not forget that heavy visuals & images can cause your site take slow loading speed, which is a bad user experience.

Select Appropriate Colors

Your site colors must match with logo, which gives your work as a perfect brand image.
Pure powdered pigment & a binder colors can be a perfect choice.
Always remember that your colors should not mismatch, pick a strong color & second, third or more would complement it.

3 Seconds Should Be The Max Loading Speed Of Your Site

As mentioned earlier, you should use visuals wisely because it can dead slow your site loading speed. Fact is 60% of users leave from the sites, which takes more than 3 seconds to load.
The reason is visitors have a less attention span & most use data to access sites from their phone.
The longer time your site takes to loads the more data it will consume.
We also do not recommend sites having single page because it take huge page size & slow loading time.
Keep in mind that your site must be less than 2.2 MB in size to for a quick loading time.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Approx. 80% of online searches globally are from smartphones.
Therefore, it is a fact, Google always gives priority to sites, which provide mobile web browsing experience or mobile optimized.
Your site should be mobile friendly, if it is not than this is the time to optimize your site for mobile usage.

Some Of The Features You Must Add

Clients Testimonials: Mention genuine client’s testimonials to make the authority, reputation & trustworthiness of your business.

Social Media Accounts: You got social media accounts? Let your site visitors know & go through your profiles by adding social media accounts to your site.

Live Chat Option: Add a chatbot to your site. It will provide your visitor an instant communication to reach you directly, also 24/7 customer support.

Video: Videos always get attention of your visitors that is why these videos are an amazing addition to your site. However, make sure your video’s length should be 25 to 20 sec.


  1. In the end, the design of your website should be followed by two key factors: your company / brand & user perspective.
  2. The color scheme & the choice of the website platform depend on the nature of your company & your brand image.
  3. However, few of the elements should be depended on your visitors’ needs
  4. Your site should be simple & organized enough so that visitors do not have problems finding the information what they need.
  5. Use font size & styles, which will make it easy visitors to read.
  6. Add visual, which will make your site appealing & outstanding.
  7. Your site must provide a great user experience whether via laptop, desktop, tablet or even smartphone.

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