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What Are The That Reasons You Need Payroll Automation?

Many of the highest performing companies around the world invest in best practices and lean systems. This not only offers lower running costs but it also offers crucial insights, information, and reduced risk. Anybody in the payroll knows enforcement – or keeping it up-to-date – can be an immense pain point. Payroll optimization decreases this pressure point greatly and makes enforcement much easier to handle.

Payroll automation is less expensive

The more that method is manual, the more hands you really have to throw at it. Payroll workers are expensive. On average, salaries will range from $60,000  for pay officers to $120,000 for senior and executive positions. In fact, the cost is even higher when you calculate the overall cost of recruiting and maintaining payroll personnel:

  • Economic recruiting (recruitment)
  • Education personnel
  • Paperwork, and IT
  • Association Membership

So, have you noticed the average cost per payslip that you pay to analyze?

As the company becomes larger the decline in costs at an increased pace. Nevertheless, top-performing companies will slash their expenses by well over 50 percent of averages per payslip.

In 2016 mid-size companies charged an average of $15.06. But the top winner in that category earned just $5.08. Where you fit in? Top-performance? Good or worse?

Cut back on charges

Automation can also help cut paper expenses, such as payslips, which workers can now search online.


When an employee leaves or is dismissed, you can more easily hire new workers and make wage changes to document. If the tax rates adjust, you can also automatically adjust the tax tables in a computer-based system.

Decrease errors-pay right

Automating payroll has a significant advantage ensuring that workers earn fair compensation. It can all be streamlined to pay inline with promotions and overtime when contemplating compensation and leave for the Web Design Dubai workers. The incorporation of payroll software with other programs such as HR, ERP, or payment processing will further minimize errors.

Charge the taxes

Are you planning on paying your taxes correctly? We are doing it, too. It can be very costly for companies, even with payroll workers, to stay up to date with the continuing changes to tax legislation. But with withholding taxes implemented by payroll processing software, companies can escape the tax man’s non – adherence and potentially high penalties.

Straightforward design

Driving a smooth machine which means lean?

Payroll automation will eliminate payroll management, data collection, data processing, allocation, and reporting processes.

Easily incorporate the correct payroll software with other business processes such as HR and project management approach. This helps you to collect crucial information from compensation or employee data which can be used to streamline other business operations further — giving you the impact of the domino.

Payroll sometimes gets overlooked when Kaizen comes a time (ahem, continuous improvement!). Sometimes this role is ignored for such interventions. But even simple improvements and compliance with regulations can mean savings between 1000’s and hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s even more valid if the payroll method is error-free.

Insure obeisance

Hmm, we think this could be another critical one to keep up and running the organization?

Although this may be positive for companies and workers, it can poses problems for organizations as they need to keep up-to-date with such changes constantly. They must also have regular preparation for the payroll workers. Costly!


As per Payroll Association:

Employers should not have an official payroll warning. Know what this means? This means that these employers take the undue risk of compliance.

Not only will the corporation be liable to correct any mistake they create, but they may also face fines for failure to comply. This makes it important that Dubai Web Design organizations look at payroll processing or outsourcing of payrolls.

It is exactly because your payroll performance management is just so much at risk that it is essential that you prevent the possibility of errors while reducing the burden for you or your staff. Although it may not be feasible for every company to outsource all of your payroll functions to a professional company, going to invest in quality payroll computerization can be possible.

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