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What is the Google-Amazon SEO differences?

As of now being in the 21st century, the latest technological trends are important. SEO Company in Dubai will elaborate on the difference between Google and Amazon SEO:

Amazon SEO:

As we know now, amazon operates like a giant e-commerce search engine and lists millions of products. There’s a must to customize these products through amazon. Here emerges the proper term, which is called amazon seo or amazon search engine optimization. Yet how the search engine Amazon changes usual google search seo.

Difference between other search engines and SEO:

Which are the key distinctions between SEO Amazon and another seo search engine? We’re taking Google seo here, as an example. All search engines operate by keywords, but where the distinction comes in, we will address below. One point worth mentioning is that you can not apply the same seo concepts on Amazon to index your item as you apply to rank your site on google.

Amazon Search Service, Google Search Queries:

Google’s search engine provides an answer to a question, which the end-user looks for the purpose. Whereas on the other hand, Amazon’s search algorithm seeks the product that suits the keywords that the end-user searches for, and that’s the basic difference that you consider doing the SEO for Amazon.

Keywords on the long tail and short tail:

When you’re doing seo for your Google site, you need to emphasize two or three long-tail keywords, so many queries need to produce results. Yet this is not the case in amazon search engine optimization on the other hand. Amazon focuses on short-tail words and delivers product outcomes. For both search engines, you can’t place your Google SEO practices on amazon seo by this word, the seo also differs.

Keyword replicas:

It’s important to repeat a keyword in a webpage to rate it better in google or when you’re doing google search engine optimization. Even so, it doesn’t work that way for amazon. You are building a website with amazon to customize it. A single use of the same keyword is sufficient to make your page available on the related product page.


Amazon doesn’t choose backlinks, and he doesn’t believe backlinking is important to the customer’s purchase of a product. Like a human being, he has an erratic inclination to like items or products and hates them.

Because Google likes to backlink a site with more backlinks from reputable websites, there are more chances of Google search engine ranking high.

Clicks versus Conversions:

Amazon ranking isn’t based on clicks. For a better ranking, it depends on the selling of that drug. On the other hand, although Google tends to rate that sites that are having more clicks are fine. Google’s algorithms claim the site is more useful for a user using the relevant question to this website.


Whereas keyword stuffing is no longer useful to Google as it was in the early SEO days, carefully designed repetition of your targeted phrase is important in your file. As for Amazon, a single keyword use is enough to get you to rank for that term. Keywords used in the title will, of course, be weighted more heavily in terms of ranking, but you also can rank with a keyword used just once in a listing’s bullet points. If you are trying to be on page one on Google, one-time use of your desired term is not enough.

External Link:

When you’re trying to drive traffic and boost your Google SEO, it’s extremely important to have external sites that connect back to your website. Google has a multitude of websites at its fingertips, so if you’re posting on social media, have a blog that links to pages on your website, or partner with those in your space to share and promote content, Google puts interest and trust on how many external sites your site or page is linked.

Amazon, on the other hand, works inside itself. Their algorithm focuses on the keywords that users are using on their site or whether those keywords are used on the product page.

Wrapping Up!

While you may have a basic understanding of Google SEO standards, it won’t help you apply the same SEO concepts on Amazon. It could affect your rating.

The best way to achieve success by The Best SEO Company Dubai is on both is to view each search engine as a distinct platform with different driving engagement metrics.

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