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What to Keep in Mind While Creating a Sitemap?

Have you ever considered one of the best on-page SEO practices to create a sitemap for your web? We did it a couple of years ago. Once we began working as an SEO consultant, we didn’t think that not every website needed a sitemap. It made us think a little bit more about this subject later.


Building a sitemap, however, could be quite difficult, and many marketers still neglect it. In this post, while building a sitemap, SEO Company Dubai wants to clarify best practices simply and illustrate those points that you should be aware of and bear in mind while doing so.

1. There are many types of sitemap:

The sitemap is not just an XML sitemap. There are other kinds you can choose for your website: 

  • You’ve probably already heard of an RSS feed, typical of blogs or websites that update their content regularly.
  • There is also the RSS feed, other than RSS, which serves websites that regularly update their video content.
  • You will learn about the Google News Sitemap if you’re in the news industry.
  • Phone, image or video extensions are also available for an XML sitemap.
  • SEO Dubai would also like to note the alternative language XML sitemap, which is indifferent languages for all websites.


  1. Creating a sitemap is not very important for the website:

This is something you should think about very significant. Because the sitemap is not needed for every website.

Here are some examples of websites that do not need a sitemap: 

  • Business pages 
  • Presentation pages 
  • Portfolio websites 
  • Small shops 
  • SaaS applications
  • Product comparators

The easiest way to decide whether or not you need to have a sitemap is to answer these three questions.

  • Is this a large page? If so, you need to have a sitemap.
  • Is your page completely new and needs fast indexing? If so, you need to have a sitemap.
  • Is there a lot of news on your website and the search engine wants to get to your content quickly? If so, you need to have a sitemap.


  1. Use a static map generator:

If your website is new and you need to be indexed quickly, this is the only situation if you need to go for a static sitemap generator. If you add more links to your website, they will not be accessible on your sitemap. Since you did not have those URLs on the web when you used the static generator.

The reason these generators don’t use a static sitemap generator is that they crawl everything on the website. It also means that they include URLs that you don’t want to include, such as redirections or error pages. 

On the contrary, there is still the possibility of using a dynamic sitemap generator that will update the content automatically in the sitemap.

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4. Exclude specific URLs:

You should exclude URLs and pages such as: 

  • Duplicated, paginated or canonicalized pages.
  • Redirections, client or server error pages.
  • Pages that are disallowed by robots.txt or pages with index.
  • URLs with parameters created by filters on your website.

 Any URL you don’t want the search engine to crawl is not suitable for you.

5. Every sitemap has limitations:

It is important to know its limitations when building a sitemap. If you need to put more URLs in your sitemap, which is very often, you should split it into more folders. There’s nothing to think about even if it sounds complicated now. Mind the knowledge for now that there are some limitations. And you can easily use our sitemap cheat sheet once you create a sitemap for your website to help you with everything.

6. Keep your sitemap private:

You can link your sitemap to the file robots.txt. Now, look at it. Robots.txt is a public source and it’s easy for anyone to get important information about your site. If you have most of your organic search traffic, you may want to stop it.


Think about your website before you start working with sitemaps. It’s not just about sitemap XML, and it’s not appropriate for every site. 

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