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What’s New & Trending in The Mobile App World in 2019?

Welcome to the roundup this week, our weekly roundup of trends in mobile app growth. With no shortage of news for filtering app growth, we’ve discussed the recent news and thoughts with subjects such as ride-sharing economy, peer-to-peer payment applications, and the most outrageous issue such as how to build an app and develop food distribution applications. Mobile App Development Company Dubai specializes have said that the mobile app sector is the ever-changing and flying sector that shows no sign of slowing down for some time. Immerse yourself in this gist and you may get an idea for developing your company app.


Latest Mobile app development trends:

1)     Safe transportation apps:

Uber’s economy has altered people’s views when it comes to hailing a taxi or booking means of transportation in particular. As a major development business for web and mobile applications, we are exploring a fresh niche for the taxi app genre. Our daily browsing through the “n” amount of innovations in apps, fresh technologies, characteristics enables us to be with timely progress and trends in the industry.

To read more about the app like Uber for children, interesting statistics of working parents in this fast-growing economy have a glimpse into the blog, who understands you might get the concept for the growth of your taxi app like Uber. Web Design Dubai makes sure they are easily browsed on a desktop too.

2)     Mobile Payment apps:

Mobile payment applications, the digital wallet app, are becoming increasingly popular as individuals stopped carrying difficult money. Mobile payments have become a norm and the mobile payment trend is only growing. So consider incorporating a payment gateway solution for smooth transactions if you plan to build an app from scratch. Social Media Agency Dubai Company makes it safe through proper media marketing.

3)     Health and Fitness apps:

With technologically sophisticated digital ideas, the health and fitness industries are constantly improvising. Here we have curated top money-making applications in the health and fitness sector that receive large amounts of financing and earn a lot of profit. So, if you’re considering entering the hospital and fitness app sector, get a nice read on this blog of trends in mobile app growth and understand the scope of startups like you. Digital Marketing Dubai will make your company and application popular.

4)     Food Delivery Apps:

It’s a big business to deliver food. While most of us would love to come home for a newly cooked meal, the truth is that most of us are coming back from work, slumping into the sofa, and firing up our phones to get ASAP ordered for lunch. There are plenty of shipping applications and facilities around Dubai, and it can be a real mystery why you would like to choose one over the other.

Tips to reduce mobile app development cost:

Well, indeed it’s not an inexpensive effort to develop a mobile app. Still, many firms and startups are attempting to find out how to decrease the price of developing mobile apps without compromising the app’s quality. 

·        All requirements should be clear:

The first and foremost tip about your app development project is to make sure you write clear and in-depth specifications. By composing a comprehensive document, you can interact obviously with the app developer about your demands, saving time and effort.

·        The purpose should be clear and concise:

The second tip to consider is to create clear and concise the objective of your app. So, it’s easy for your Dubai Mobile App Development team to understand and discover no trouble while developing it.

·        MVP:

The third tip is MVP (Minimum Viable Product), a development method that develops a fresh application with only one region, adequate characteristics, and functionalities to meet the needs of early customers.


To wrap up, SEO Dubai writes a devoted blog on how to build an app covering all significant measures such as target definition, scheduling characteristics & functionality, wireframe design, and other critical steps. Know the full step-by-step guide for creating an app

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