Which Is The Best For You- Responsive versus Adaptive Web Design?

A website is your company’s digital face. It has long been identified the significance of having a functional, up-to-date and user-friendly website. If you’re on the market for a fresh website or you’re looking to enhance a current website, it’s essential to know the alternatives you have. You will be able to create an informed decision once you are acquainted with the distinct web design styles. The user experience should be the main variable in your website design decision-making process. You should know your main customers and their actions online. How will your website be accessed by these customers? Users expect a seamless experience irrespective of the device they use

Understanding your User:

Web Design Company Dubai creates an understanding of your customers will assist you to fulfill your requirements better. Adequate web design can improve the length of the moment that customers remain on your platform drastically and can lead to greater conversions.

Responsive Web Design:

Responsive websites will automatically resize to the screen size of the device on which the website is viewed. This web design style utilizes media queries that enable distinct screen sizes to be adapted to CSS styles.

The user experience will be seamless when this is achieved properly. Responsive design is fluid and as the browser size is altered, page components flow smoothly. It allows a user to visit your website on their desktop, tablet or mobile device and find a consistent user experience at all times. The most significant advantage of responsive website design is probably that it increases your SEO Dubai rankings. However, the chance of variable download times between desktop and mobile devices is something to be careful about. Website velocity affects the user experience, so the general impression of your spectators can be adversely affected

Adaptive Web Design:

Unlike responsive web design, adaptive web design needs you to design suitable viewport for different screen sizes. Where responsive web design is fluid, there is more static adaptive web design and the material tends to snap into location. Adaptive websites provide more website design control as the developer selects a particular layout for each device size. Unlike responsive design, components are not moving on an adaptive website.

This website style usually needs more time and resources. The software development team must design and create various dimensions of websites that may be owned by all the distinct appliances. Adaptive websites may affect your SEO rankings negatively. Search engines are likely to perceive your website’s different versions as duplicate content. Determining which version is more important to a search may be hard for search engines.

Don’t get confused:

The distinctions between responsive and adaptive web design may become confusing, but it eventually depends on the requirements of your company when choosing between the two.
Responsive websites are more appropriate when creating a completely fresh website is your goal. This style will guarantee that any sort of device, even those that have yet to be published, will function on the website you generate. To make a current website mobile-friendly, adaptive websites are helpful. To determine which devices your customers mainly use and design for these particular screen sizes, you can access website analytics.

Every company is distinct, and one sort over the other will require certain situations. Responsive web design is endorsed more widely, while adaptive web design offers the greatest user experience for each particular type of device.


When it comes to it, the key is first and foremost to consider your crowd regardless of the design method you embrace. Once you understand precisely who they are and on which devices they tend to access the site, when it comes to layout, content and so on, it is simpler to design with them in mind. We will help you choose the best web design for your company. It’s an era complete of more intelligent artifacts. We have to design more and more with that smartness in mind.

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