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Why Businesses Opt for Android App Development?

You may come across at least once a day, if not more, the word “Android” or even “Google.” This is the extent of its success. If you need stronger reasons why Android apps are popular among both businesses and developers, then head to the advantages of developing the Android app by Mobile App Development Riyadh.


A vast customer base:

You certainly aren’t a newcomer to the Android platform’s success among users. This means the app will enjoy the attention of millions of users as a company and potentially generate higher ROI.

· Cost-effective:

It’s a well-known fact that Android is more cost-effective compared to Apple, so naturally, this value also goes down to the cost of Android app growth. A wide range of software and libraries are available for the development of applications, which also makes the entire development process less expensive.

· Easy Integration:

The android platform offers internal integration of apps along with successful configuration by providing appropriate tools to suit the needs of the business. 

· Compatibility with devices:

Another benefit of designing Android apps is that they are compatible with a variety of devices on the market. One of the main reasons behind this is that Android-powered devices are affordable compared to Apple’s.

· Customizable:

Your application as a company should reflect your business vision and this can be done precisely with the development of Android mobile apps. App Development Company Doha also makes high scalability, which is also a crucial point for any start-up or even a full-grown company.

Okay, if you’re impressed.


Android App Animation and Design:

There are different designs and animations out there, and the cost of implementing them can vary depending on the type and quality of these designs.

· UI Design:

Material Design is the style of design used to create the Android app to bring imagination and simple boldness to the designs of the mobile app. In comparison, the Flat Model is more suitable for iOS. But naturally, the expense of developing the Android app is another notch in the belt that adds to the final cost.

· Wireframing:

Wireframing is used by the developers to create powerful user experience apps and charts. Use special tools such as MARVEL, Balsamiq, and Photoshop. Therefore, to create an application display stream, wireframes are always customer-approved.

· Animation:

Animation has become a common method to make it interesting and intuitive to some aspects of any application. Gaming and social media apps use animations to a great extent more often than not. Coding and designing in animations, however, is a very complex process that marks a jump in the price of any Android app that uses it.

Android app Maintenance:

The app development process does not stop with the application being released successfully on the Play Store, and much more needs to be done, i.e. maintenance of the app.

1)     Version Updates:

If it is not updated with the latest operating system patches, the software will become outdated and eventually obsolete. Updating the software should make sure it is compliant with and works well with the latest changes in the OS.

2)     Improvising App design:

As technology changes as well as user habits, we continue to change a lot of things for the better, so why not model apps? There is a great need to enhance the layout of the app to meet the demands of consumers and provide the impeccable experience of the user.

3)     Squashing Bugs:

Bugs are the only sneaky element that can enter your application even if you are making stringent prevention efforts. In that case, it is important to constantly check for problems in the application that become an impediment to smooth user experience and fix them as soon as they are spotted.


Types and Categories of apps:

Mobile App Development Company Dubai has split the Android apps into different categories and they all come with their characteristics, backgrounds, safety requirements, and more.

  • M-commerce apps
  • Stand-alone apps
  • Enterprise apps
  • Social networking apps
  • Hardware-dependent apps
  • On-demand apps

Several popular features of on-demand applications include support for messaging, real-time monitoring and data synchronization, and transactions in the device.

Upon observing all the factors that contribute significantly to the final cost of developing the Android app, we can see that a one-word answer to the question is not feasible


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