Why Facial Recognition Technology So Great for Your Media & Marketing Business?

Not long ago, it was science fiction to get a computer to acknowledge your face, but now the technology is reliable enough everywhere to be used for safe identification. You bring this technology in your pocket if you have a recent smartphone. Scanning your fingerprint or entering a password is no longer necessary. Just take a quick look at your phone and voilà!

To generate a faceprint, facial recognition utilizes about 80 reference points. The facial recognition technology (FRT) can generate a numerical code that acts as your password using characteristics such as your jawline, nose width, cheekbone forms, and eye depth. This innovative technology has become a measure of safety that does not require extra user input.

How do FRT works?

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· Capture – the first stage is to collect physical samples during a specified period under predetermined circumstances. This stage can be considered as registering your face in the scheme.

· Extraction – the scheme of SEO Company Dubai can generate templates based on the specimens supplied once adequate information has been collected

· Comparison – the information will be likened to current templates once you attempt to scan your face.

· Matching–the final phase is to cross-refer to the current templates in the database for the fresh sample. Access will be given within a second if there is a game.

There’s one more phase if you’re using an iPhone–Learn. If facial identification fails and you enter your passcode properly, the templates will be updated on your mobile.

Why use FRT?

The technology gains most of its reputation from the Apple FaceID function, but this is not the only location to be able to implement this advanced technology.

In distributors, facial identification technology can be used to locate VIP clients in the store and to alert staff to be careful. In government areas, technology can also be used to assist detect thefts, scam artists, and prospective terrorists.

Organizations use FRT to improve user experience in their mobile apps. iOS makes the facial identification technology accessible so that it can be integrated into several distinct applications (e.g. banking, passwords, payment, etc.).

FRT can be used in the healthcare sector to secure patient information. The person can use their face to access private data instead of relying on a username and password. Face recognition technology can be used in the advertising field to display the correct message to the correct individual

Benefits of FRT:

· Improved safety

As indicated previously, your safety measures are significantly improved by a biometric scheme.

· Easy integration method

No need to invest extra time and money attempting to build your technology software for facial recognition. For the most portion, the current facial recognition instruments can be adapted and incorporated readily into current safety software.

· Pinpoint Accuracy

The amount of accuracy in the identification process is noteworthy with the assistance of 3D facial recognition techniques and infrared cameras. With enhanced precision, the technology leveraging organizations or people can be ensured that no errors will occur. You can expect to identify the correct individual at the correct moment.

· Fully Automated

To stand at your gate 24/7, you no longer need to pay safety guards. The facial recognition technology is completely automated and will correctly recognize people with no hesitation at all times. Comfort comes with automation, lower expenditures, and more time to concentrate on the more significant functions that drive value for your company.

· Keeping staff in check

One of the workplace’s major ethical issues is time fraud–when staff reports the number of hours they worked wrongly. The incorporation of face recognition technology for check-in and check-out procedures guarantees that the entire shift of a worker is working.


Facial identification technology is witnessing a fast pace of acceptance and we can expect a scheme like this to process gestures, palm and ear prints, phrases, and even our speech in a few years. Computers ‘ capacity to concurrently compare thousands of pictures is something that far outweighs a human’s capacity.

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