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Why Google Plus Should Figure Your SEO Strategy?

We’ve heard of Google engaging in some kind of secret ranking game through its social network Google Plus on more than a hundred occasions. SEO Dubai effort to make it more important to other major social networks such as Twitter or a move to combine social with search, but what matters is that if you’re out there to make a successful company, you can’t just ignore G+. Here’s how it should appear in your strategy for the search engine.


Over two years now, Google Plus has been around. At first, Facebook’s increasingly successful social network was considered just a rival. With time, however, experts have been able to say that Google Plus has a much greater purpose to serve. Assuming that Google owns a large part of almost every internet user’s attention wouldn’t be wrong. It has become synonymous with a search engine and internet search.

The relation between higher search ranking and Google Plus:

It is now too obvious to ignore the correlation between Google+1s and higher search rankings. This is the number of Google+1s a URL has, which has the maximum impact on the website’s search rankings. As amazing as it may sound, Searchmetrics has vindicated the finding through a similar comparison. Also, the most obvious question now is the million-dollar question that emerges. Why?

· Google+ post is easily crawled:

Many experts in search engine optimization found that content shared on Google+ pages is almost immediately indexed and crawled. Due to their numerous privacy clauses and restrictions on data sharing, other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter make it harder for Google to crawl content on them.

What’s more exciting to note is that Google+ is designed to create content instead of being limited to a content sharing platform. Every post has many features that suit a full-blown blog posting. A unique URL, long, complex entries and a separate title tag are all features that make Google+ an efficient method for the search algorithm to produce semantic signals.

· Google+ posts in SERPs:

There’s a lot of time when there’s a post created solely on Google plus the highest SERP site rating. It shows that Google+ is far beyond mere search results personalization.

· Google+ passes link values:

Google+ pages and posts also pass reference juice, as both of these references are followed. The anchor text itself takes the place of the title of the page you post while sharing a connection on Google+. Many links in your Google+ page’s About tab are also followed and link equity is passed.

Start taking advantage of Google+ for SEO:

By now, you need to be sufficiently convinced to consider optimizing your Google+ for better results in the search engine. If you are looking for a point of departure, follow the following tips by SEO Services Dubai:

Building new Google+ relationships. Follow your domain influencers, comment on posts you’re interested in, and share good content.

  • Post great content that attracts as many shares as possible and attracts natural links.
  • Add Google Authorship information to your online content.
  • Complete the Google Plus profile page with relevant information.
  • Add social sharing buttons on your website to make it easy to share content.
  • Building new Google+ relationships. Follow your domain influencers, comment on posts you’re interested in and share good content.

Google+ profile links are added with “do-follow” and treated as web pages, which helps to increase visibility and page rank of websites. All links are placed on Twitter without a follow-up tag, and this does not rank Page to your site.

Essentially, if you use the Google+ network, your search results can be improved. Google+’s strong presence can provide you with higher page rank and exposure to the internet. Also, read 6 Practical Tips for SEO you should know and apply for 2020.

Take away!

Google Plus’ purpose has never been limited to providing users with an outlet for new people to communicate with their friends and network. It was, in truth, the least of all-important goals. The main goal was to use G+ generated social signals to extract better search results for a specific query. 

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