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Why is Voice Search Important for Your Business Website?

Since it was launched about a decade ago, since users were forced to dial in a number and verbally state their search queries, the buzz surrounding voice search has built up.

Since then, thanks to superior machine learning algorithms and the abundance of information extracted from search engines, different companies have made giant strides in the advancement of voice search. The voice search market has now expanded into a multi-billion dollar business with the biggest players, including Amazon, Google, and Apple, all competing for a piece of the pie.


In search engine optimization (SEO), the profound effect voice search means it impacts anyone and anyone on the internet. SEO Dubai directly connects to the Internet, and in particular digital marketing, needs to remain one step ahead of the curve to make sure that they are prepared when the tide changes.


Why is voice search important in 2019?

Voice search uses voice commands to conduct online searches as a part of speech recognition software. The core idea behind it was to improve the consumer experience; it would be more convenient for people to speak –and let the machine transcribe the search query than to type it in manually.

This simplistic view was reinforced by incremental technological growth. Innovation, such as personal voice assistants, has proven to be revealing for advancing voice search, providing the much-needed personalization and flexibility while catering to requests from users. Web Design Dubai is proud to make your website optimize for voice search.


How to optimize your website for voice search?

Let’s face it, it can be a real challenge to build an engaging and appropriate website to outsource internet professionals. However, they also need to remain relevant and grow continuously to be able to provide their customers with a valuable service. Here are some how web professionals can customize a website to improve voice search results:


1)     Focus on featured snippets:

The featured snippets appearing at the top of SERPs are intended to provide a succinct answer to a client request. With this feature, Google aims to present the most relevant content for a smoother experience to the very top of the user’s search result.

They can go a step further and include a summary in addition to providing high-quality content that explains its importance and quality to the search engine. The average result of voice search is about 29 words long, so bear that in mind when making summaries of content. Also, long-tail keywords are a popular “snippet” feature and should be included for enhanced exposure.


2)     Use a Conversational Tone:

It is imperative to keep in mind that the way we speak is fundamentally different from the way we write when designing the page for voice searches.

Although queries typed are very short and descriptive, more terms are used in conversational search queries. This translates into the focus on long-tail keywords that sound natural and are more likely to be used in voice searches.

For conventional SEO, it helps, as keywords containing multiple terms face competition and have a higher chance to top the SERP list. It may take further and detailed work on keywords, but it is worth it.


3)     Make Page Load Fast:

The reason people use voice search is a convenience, and what is the convenience of a slow loading speed?

Google’s algorithm not only tilts to websites that load quicker, thereby ensuring maximum user satisfaction and lower bounce rates; it also benefits the brand.

This is fundamental on-site SEO in practice, with a special focus on mobile responsiveness. With Google Mobilegeddon increasing the rank of mobile-responsive sites, your website must also be compatible with smartphones.

Faster page load speeds are achieved by using optimized images, compressed files and, to name a few, website caching. People are already using voice search widely, and will only drastically increase their acceptance in the future. The Website Design Company in Riyadh gives fast loading websites.



Those taking voice search into account already has an advantage over other players in their SEO campaign. Voice search works by narrowing down results, listening only to the top three. Companies that capitalize on the early integration of voice search will benefit from higher visibility of content, which will only continue to increase.


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