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Why Your WordPress Website Is Running Slowly.

5 Tips & Tricks to Troubleshoot your WordPress website from working slowly.

Sometimes WordPress can accumulate a lot of nonsense. As a professional Web Design Company in Dubai, we are talking about heaps of plug-ins, complicated wireframes, tangled theme codes and so much more. Actually, there are a number of reasons why a WordPress website might not be working just right for you, but there are many ways to how this situation can be tackled. Before we get started with the list, we would like to mention that drastic and dramatic WordPress Websites which face a slow down will need to either check if their servers are functioning efficiently, or if there is something wrong with a recently changed function. Regardless, these are the basics and instant changes that you can do to make your site faster, even if it’s already operating fast enough. So let’s get started!

#1. Cache Plugins To The Rescue!

If you did not know, the cache is a common problem and might not get stored on a device for a particular site, which might cause it to become slower on every page and needs to once again read everything to display texts, images, and design structure. Cache records these details on the first visit and leaves you with an experience as smooth as butter. A quick cache plugin download could save you time!



#2. Image Optimization!

As complicated as it sounds, trust us, it’s really simple but just requires you to invest a bit of your time into it carefully. Just hop onto any search engine and start browsing Free Image Size Optimizer and just make sure you find one that does the job without affecting the quality of the image. A 20% Reduction can have you save a lot of memory and help maintain the same image quality as well. For one image, this might seem impractical, but if you are like us, with many images on the site, this will drastically make your site faster and you’ll see the difference after replacing each and every image. It’s worth the time spent resizing images rather than having plugins on your WordPress.

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#3. Themes Are Beams!

You need to get the right theme! A theme that does not support essential design can have a negative effect on the site. Before you get a theme or build from scratch, it is best to know that each theme has an energy and power to take control of, there’s a limit it can handle. In short words, the more simple the site in terms of functionality (included with animations, effects, videos, and such additions) the easier and faster it is WordPress to crack pages and instantly have them appear one an inch of a click. Usually, more expensive themes are built on a higher scale to maintain site speed, functionality and support a large number of plugins without an issue. However, if you are working from scratch, it’s probably something to do with the server, as we would assume the coding is done cleanly. It’s something to contemplate on if that would be the case. We personally have not used themes since we needed a customized version that dressed best to fit the persona of a Dubai Web Design Company, as we need to heavily adjust here and then on how SEO would normally work on our site…


#4. Home Page Rubik’s Cube!

This one is tricky one, but get’s your site to perform much better, although we should warn you that with each modification, comes a downfall for another element. Although it’s something normal, we are taking SEO into consideration as well, but well, site speed is a plus point for User Experience so why not. The homepage is a way to boost your site’s speed. You could optimize parts of the site to make it less heavy and have a decent quality of images. If you think your icons have been uploaded with a heavy size but resized to a really smaller one, then it’s better to upload just the size you need and not to tamper with quality on them from the face of the site. Too many forms and too many one-page slider pages can make it heavy, which is bluntly true and an obvious guess to come forth towards. The homepage page is your first impression, but at the same time, it is a factor for SEO as well, and at the same time, a factor for Speed. So it’s a Rubik’s Cube. You need to compromise on something or the other to make the site work. As long as your site is under 3 seconds of loading speed, Small, Simple and fashionable, it should be fine for you to tune it in, but to an extent.


#5. Take A Deep Breath!

Think about it for a second. Is your website really slow? Are you still under 3 seconds of loading speed? Do you think speed will really have you achieve what it takes or is it just your conscious telling you to work faster and get things done quick? We might think you are impatient? Because as long as the users think it works fine, as long as your revenue is at its average, as long as nothing major has taken place, the website should still be working fine. Sometimes a man’s adrenaline can make things seem slow and we want to let you know that website designs should not be moulded to the core. There should be a space between the efficient and the effective. That space is something you want to consider and meanwhile concentrate on other elements such as SEO, or Blogs or Social Media. Website can be worrying, and worrying can lead to disasters. Sometimes you’ll need to Consult with a Web Design Dubai Company to get your therapy session for the feelings you store for your site.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong in small problems coming in your way. A slow website will not stop making money for you neither in the short run nor the long run. As long as your website operates and follows Google’s commands, it should be good to go. 3 seconds are efficient enough to get cracking, if lower than that, there needs to be some work done and an immediate protocol shall be taken place to resolve it at once!

Hope this has helped, we look forward to the troubled following our list to mend their slow websites. These are the easiest ways to fix your slow functioning sites. If you do face any problem with your site in the future or have trouble with anything, Contact s at Adweb Studio to book a free consultation at any time.

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