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You know Facebook. However, here are top Facebook apps you may not know about!

Facebook through the Ages

Fourteen years back, in February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook. In just a few span of years, after it came into existence, Facebook became populous quite rapidly. Even though, there are millions of social media platforms and sites in existence now, Facebook remains on the top and the benchmark which it has set, is quiet difficult to achieve and qualify. According to the statistics recorded in 2017, Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly active users. In addition, in the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed 1 billion, becoming the first ever-social media platform to do so.

Almost everyone whom we know in our surroundings is addicted to Facebook, even we ourselves. All of us use Facebook daily for hours and never get tired of it! Here is the interesting part, besides Facebook; did you know that Facebook has made multiple other applications and platforms for users? Commonly, all of these applications are free and could be downloaded easily through IOS or Android Play store. Let us discuss some top apps developed by Facebook itself. Here are the following.

The Top Facebook Applications:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service by Facebook for its users. Recently, the amazing Facebook Messenger crossed the mark of 1 billion. This app is quiet simple to use; now you even get your regular Text messages on Facebook Messenger as well and check your messages from Facebook by directly viewing Messenger.

Facebook Pages Manager

If you are a blogger, business entrepreneur, meme makers and owns several Facebook pages, this is the app you have been looking for. If you are a community manager, with the help of this app, you can easily manage multiple pages at a time, this app will help you to monitor all your following pages in just one go. You can even perform like multiple tasks just by the help of this single app. You can perform the following task with the help of this app:

  • Check the page Timeline.
  • Check Page Notifications.
  • Check the Inbox Messages.
  • Create Posts.
  • Reply to Comments.
  • Check Daily Insights.
  • Manage Ads.

Facebook Ads Manager

This is the official and detailed version for your Facebook advertising and media campaigns. With the help of Facebook ads Manager, you can stay up to date with your Facebook media campaigns, ads on to go and set sponsored ads as well.

Other than this, you can even check the performance and insights of your ads, recreate, delete, pause or simply stop the campaign, that too extremely easily.

However, the best part about this app is that whenever an ad performance is well, it instantly notifies you to keep you updated. As well as, when any ad gets poor performance, it notifies then as well, so that you can focus more on the weaknesses to get better results the next time.

Facebook Groups

Maybe, we all remember the time when Facebook pages were actually more popular than the usual business pages. Closed or public, there used to be a huge number of people discussing different topics in groups, sharing photos etc.

As we all may have observed, this Facebook grouping feature is now not as popular as it was before. However, business people still use it for different purposes as it has more personalized reach. With the help of this application, users can get all the information about the happenings in Facebook group through notifications and enhance their reach.


Facebook at Work

Facebook at work, maybe you can say it is the LinkedIn version of Facebook. It helps you to stay connected with your work team and connections. The Precondition of this app is that you need to login into Facebook at work through your company’s official email address and even before that, you have to register your company at http://facebook.com/work in order to get the access through Facebook at work.

The main purpose behind this Facebook at work is to always stay connected with your coworkers and colleagues. You can easily create events with them, make groups, chat together and much more. Nevertheless, in order to use your personal account you must have the Facebook app at any cost.

Facebook Moments

Facebook Moments is one of the most recent additions into the Facebook applications family. It has ultimately replaced the photo-syncing feature at Facebook. Facebook is now asking its users and followers to download this application, in order to download and keep their personal photos separately.

Soon there will be a feature that you would not be able to access the private albums in your Facebook account and you will have to download this app, The Facebook Moments.

This application also allows you to share your options directly with your friends and family and notify them whenever there is some new activity.

Shout for Messenger

This application was an addition for Facebook Messenger, in order to enhance its efficiency. This Shout for Messenger allows you to add text to the photos you take from Messenger and send it across to your family, friends and relatives. So, why worry about the Captions when you can simply add interesting texts now on your photographs.


Selfied for Messengers

This is the application, which is dedicated for the Selfie holics and Selfies only. You can simply take a selfie and set a mood by tapping upon the provided interesting mood options. Once you are done with adding up the specific mood matching with your selfie, you can simply send selfie to your friends through messenger.

If you are a daily Facebook user or simply addicted to Facebook, it is time to try these apps associated with Facebook. Facebook got you covered for all your specific needs. We have compiled a little bit of information about the all these top Facebook apps, check and download them now!

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