Top Must Haves for Your Facebook Business Page

Top Must Haves for Your Facebook Business Page

Every Facebook Business Page is the social face and the representor of your company. Make sure that you are engaging with your audience in the presentation of your brand in the perfect light with these must haves in the Facebook page.

An engaging cover photo

When visitors come to your Facebook page, the cover image is where your eyes first look. Choose an attractive and high quality image that is simple and attractive, preferably with a bright point of contact and no text. Studies show that the color, the impression, the contact with the public and the emotions that interest them is how they capture the image of their coverage and interest their audience.
It should show a cover image of at least 399 pixels and display 150 pixels, and with a resolution of 820 pixels on 312 × desktop, 640 x 360 pixels on a mobile phone. Mobile phone to make sure it looks good and does not cut anything important. Make sure that your image complies with the privacy policy of the protector of the Facebook page, which is not misleading or infringes the copyrights of third parties.

A profile picture that showcases your brand

View your profile (smaller image at the top left of the screen) an important way to promote your brand and identify your customers – The profile photo is what in the search results on Facebook shows as an upcoming thumbnail other feeders appear. Use a high quality image of your logo or something that reflects your company. Facebook loads the dimensions of the image on a regular basis; here you can find the current sizes.

A verification Badge

Facebook uses a gray sign that indicates that a business, site or local organization has been verified as real. The badge not only gives instant credit to your Facebook page, it also tells visitors that your business is legitimate, and that your Facebook page is the official website of the company, not a non-business person.

A Custom URL

When you set up your Facebook business page, Facebook gives your URL an aspect that looks like this: Ref = ts. When your page receives 25 items, the Page Manager can create a unique URL such as which is easier and easier to find and to Share it. The new URL must not be used by another page and must be added to the Facebook user instructions. Select carefully because custom URLs cannot be reused or transmitted.

A Brief about Section

The section is about one of the hottest areas on the Facebook page, giving you a great opportunity to tell your story, describe your character and what you do, and specify the mission and what it does. It includes principles (website, contact information and schedules) and consider adding an innovative touch, such as satisfied customers, or an annual company record that highlights achievements and strengths. Be sure to also use keywords related to your company, products or services so that people searching on Facebook as a traditional search engine find your page.

Consistent and Engaging Posts

If your clients follow Facebook, they will be interested in your company, your products and whatever you want. If you do not keep using them and participating in regular publications, they are more likely to stop visiting your page. Create an editorial calendar to ensure there is sufficient quality and static publications. Create a variety of publications, including event notifications, useful tips, news about your audience, corporate events, important strengths, vacations and seasonal issues, and create a space for the hot topics that suddenly turn out.
Make sure to include images or videos that include your posts: Facebook posts that contain photos that are 2.3 times larger than the ones you do not see. Studies have shown that the frequency of sending to Facebook five times a week is the best, from Thursday to Sunday, and the best time of the afternoon, but the implementation optimization program varies with each job, to verify what is correct for you. , Test it.


Videos are an excellent way to attract your audience. Most likely, the videos are shared more than any other type of publication, and Facebook users are watching triple movies longer than the recorded videos. According to HubSpot, the ideal duration for a Facebook video is one minute.
As of June 2017, you can now use a video as your cover image. The volume films carry approximately the same dimensions as the covered images. The videos can vary from 20 to 90 seconds and decide how to repeat them.

Properly assigned page roles

When you create a Facebook business page, you will be automatically responsible for that page, which means you can only post articles and make changes to the page. If you want to send other employees to your company’s page, be sure to assign an appropriate page for each one. Visit the Facebook Help Center to inform you about the six types of functions on the Facebook page, how to configure them and the function of each function.

A proper Call to Action Button

Looking to drive Facebook visits towards your business website? Never forget to add a call to action button inviting all your social audience to perform their desired action. Facebook often offers the call to action options, including the sign up, book now, watch video etc.

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