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Your Game Plan for Building a Website in 2020!

Are you feeling committed to doing better than the last year? You probably have all your personal goals set for the new year: read more books, call your mom, eat less pizza, walk away from the holiday pie.


How is this for a New Year’s Resolution: create from the ground up a successful website. Sounds like a lofty goal, but believe us, girl— you have a champion’s make-up.

It’s like running a marathon to create an online presence. Those 26.2 miles of exhaust require long-term endurance established over months of training. Train marathoners one step at a time and finish one mile at a time.

This is your preparation plan for this guide.  

Website Design Jeddah here as your trusted web host and coach to keep you on track as you develop, expand, safe, and promote your new website. We broke this website workout plan into goals and tasks throughout 2020 to complete each quarter, but feel free to work at your own pace.

1. Build your website:

Ready to start to develop your website right from the starting block? We love the excitement. But to build a solid foundation, you need to get into some warm-ups and conditioning before you even hit the starting line. A careful plan starts with every good website. Open a new digital doc and complete the exercises below.

  • Find the purpose
  • Set goals
  • Outline your content


2. Pick a domain:

Ready to do that. Get ready. We’re getting closer to launching your website, but it needs a name and a place to live first before we can get started. You’ll need to select a platform to build your website.

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3. Design and Launch:

With a set of goals, a sketch of content, a domain, web hosting, and a platform chosen for your new website, it’s time to build!

  • Keep things simple and clear— think short and sweet from copying homepage to navigation choices.
  • Do not be afraid of the blank space — feel no need to fill every nook and cranny; elegant silence can go a long way.
  • Hold your menu at the front and middle— locate guests quickly or risk them losing. Pay attention to your typography— what you mean is as critical as how you say it— and how it looks.
  • Choose a color scheme that matches your brand— Color communicates, so choose those that suit your website’s ethos.
  • Make it accessible— broaden your reach by ensuring that everyone, including people with disabilities, can use your website.


  1. Adopt SEO Practices:

Once your site has been built and prepared for monetization, you are ready to reel with SEO in the traffic.

SEO is a collection of website owners’ tactics that can use to show up closer to the top of the search engine results.

Think about it: if you’re searching for something on Google, you’re probably only checking the first few entries before you press — and so are your customers. Since Google is based on a variety of factors in its results ranking, it is essential to do the following:

  • Brainstorm keywords related to your website— Which search phrases would most likely lead readers to your website? To research and discover new keywords, use the Google Keyword Planner.
  • Optimize your blog posts— plan content around these keywords and make sure they are used in your posts and headings — but be careful and creative with your placement to avoid forced content creation. Check out these Web Design Company Dubai tools if you need help getting started.
  • Keep it fresh — daily updates and new content will give you a boost to your search ranking. But don’t worry about freshening up and repurposing old content.
  • Build a sitemap — Sitemaps, which is essentially a hierarchical list of everything and accurately present everything.


  1. Take care of the details:

It’s time for some spring cleaning now that your site has been up and running for a while. Let’s make sure that for all your potential customers, the website is up to date and easy to access.

Clean and Polish:

  • Begin with a few routine tasks and set up reminders in another six months to do them again: search for broken links.
  • Read and edit blog posts and blog posts on the website.
  • Edit your contact details and section “About Me.”
  • Check the form and checkout features.
  • Think of your relationship with the customer. How can you boost it?
  • Check your hosting package— are you ready to upgrade?

Let’s Get in Touch:

You have crossed the finish line! You have worked hard, and to be proud of your website is one. Contact us today.

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