We Do High-Performing Mobile App Development in Dubai

Being a well-renowned Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, ADWEB STUDIO is proud to help Dubai businessmen and entrepreneurs to grow their business with our custom mobile app design and development solutions for Android, iOS, and cross-platform. With more than 10 years of experience, we are directed by highly qualified app developers, engineers, and strategists who are ready to convert your ideas and inspirations into real-world success.

Android App Development
We create high-performing Android apps that are noticed by Google Play Store and target the masses as well.

iOS App Development
Our expert iOS developers develop excellent iPhone apps by practicing the Apple App Store’s standards.

Cross-Platform App Development
We build amazing mobile apps that work flawlessly on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS.

Innovative Mobile App Development That Gives Wings to Your Business

We not only develop innovative mobile applications but also make sure its success by using our customized digital mobile app marketing strategy. Thus, we give wings to your business to fly at the heights of success through a mobile app.
• Improved Customer Base
• Increase Brand Awareness
• Boost Your Business Revenue

Creative Mobile Application Development

We design and build stunning mobile apps that acceleratethe growth of any business whether it’s a startup or a large enterprise.

UI/UX App Design

Our experienced UI/UX designersdesign the screens of the mobile apps including the user journey, color scheme, fonts, images, sizes, etc. This is important that you take time to decide if you like the designs or you have changed. Once you are 100% happy with your app designs,then only give approval for the development of your mobile app. It will reduce the common problem between clients and company.

Custom-Made Mobile App Development!

No Pre-built Templates. Creating a winning mobile app has never been easier.

Native Mobile App Development

Native Apps are the most recommended by most companies. These apps are built for a specific platform and written in programming languages, for example, Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android apps. Native apps are fast and responsive, offer intuitive user input and output, and don’t require an Internet connection. Overall, these apps offer a better user experience.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid apps are less expensive than native apps, don’t require a browser, and can leverage device APIs. However, they are slower than native apps and are not customizable to individual platforms like Native. ADWEB STUDIO has the Best Mobile App Developers in Dubai who always recommend our clients to go for Native Apps.

QA & App Testing

As the application testing is vast, we make sure that our team covers all the necessary facets of it. The application should be tested for usability, compatibility, security, and performance. The feedback you will receive from your beta users will help to find whether your app’s function is operating well in a real-world situation.

Custom Web Design & Development Dubai

Customized Web Design & Development Approach Satisfies Every Business’sNeeds

No Ready-Made Templates…. We Choose Customization!

Hand-Crafted Websites! Creating your amazing website has never been easier.

UX/UI Design

Our intuitive UI/UX designsmake us able to craft highly responsive websites with ingeniousstructure and functionality as per our clients’ needs.

Custom CMS

Our custom CMS approach allows us to create, edit, and publish the website content without any hassles to make them SEO-friendly.

Clean Code

With thepractice of the latest industry trends, we use clean and efficient code based on the hottest version of the language (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS).

Engaging Content

Our highly-qualified copywriters create quality content that appeals to the right audiences and also improves the website rankings.

Our Proven 3-Step Working Process

Over the years, we have developed a philosophy to work on our projects smoothly. Our proven 3-step working process has been tried and tested with several countless businesses.

Planning & Strategy
We work with you and create a web design plan by clearly understanding your ideas, expectations, and needs.

Design & Develop
With the proper implementation of our personalized strategy and back-end coding, we create an advanced mobile app for you.

Test & Launch
Complete test your website to make it flawless and then launch it successfully to make a mark for your business.

Dubai Mobile App Development Company That Fuels Your Business Growth Locally

We are the only trustworthy Dubai Mobile App Company that has mobile app developers in UAE who are available to meet with our clients to understand the project requirement and go through with the project performance. We have worked with several UAE-based clients, including Jumeirah, Etihad Towers, Dubai Government, Fujairah Government, and some other prestigious clients who are using stunning apps made by us.

Selecting a mobile app development company in Dubai is not easy! We know that! We understand that the majority of the mobile app developers are not based in UAE and only the salesperson takes the project and communicates with developers remotely. We are proud to say that our mobile app developers are based in UAE who are always available to meet and discuss the project requirement and progress.

Why Choose Us for Your App Development Project?

  • 12 years of local experience
  • The team is based in the Dubai Office
  • Built several applications for governments, semi-government, corporate sectors, and startups
  • Honest, Reliable, and affordable
  • Available during weekends for meetings
  • We provide complete source codes of the project
  • We help also with marketing to promote your application
  • We have local contacts, so we can help with marketing

An Award-Winning App Development Company in Dubai

ADWEB STUDIO is a locally experienced and fast-growing mobile app development company providing the latest technology to build custom-tailored mobile apps. We are the best in town offering outstanding mobile apps, which users require. We have skilled mobile app developers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, who work on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

ADWEB STUDIO has listed the top award-winning mobile app development agency based on their previous client's testimonials. We have developed various mobile applications in almost all industries including online e-commerce stores, marketplace projects, cleaning, hotels, food, logistic, social media, and others.

Additional Mobile App Development Services

We work as a full-service Dubai app development company that helps you with each phase of the mobile app development process.

Before designing your app, we create a sketch on paper to see how your user journey will be. Sketching does a lot more than merely tracking your user's steps. It helps to refine the ideas and arrange all the components of the designs in the right way. Moreover, wireframes help you build a solid foundation, which is scalable.

Technical Assessment
You might have a clear understanding of your app, but you also need to consider the platform and technology you will use to build your app. You might consider building on a smartphone, tablets, etc. as well as the platform iOS and Android.

Once all the design screens are ready, you can ideally build a prototype, which gives you a real look at the app. You can click on the buttons to go on different screens. It will give you a feeling that you are using an app. If you find any problem or missing element, make sure to raise this concern before starting a development phase.


iOS Language: (Objective-C or Swift)

iOS Software: X-Code

Android Language: (Java, Kotlin)

Android Software: Android Studio

Database: MYSQL Server or MongoDB


Frequently Asked Questions

Being a seasoned app development company in UAE, we have specialised teams for developing all types of mobile apps, including:

  • Native Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Web Apps

With the increasing demand for Android smartphones and Apple iPhones, Adweb Studio suggests you create a mobile app that can be launched in iOS and Android.

We don’t have any fixed costs for developing a mobile application. Our app development cost depends on various factors, such as app type, functionality, features, use of visuals, and development hours, etc.

Our app development cost does not include any third-party services fees. So, you need to pay for all APIs and third-party services fees by yourself.

We have created successful apps for many business owners from different industries, including education, eCommerce, healthcare, food delivery, retail, finance, NGOs, and many more.

Adweb Studio is a trustworthy UAE mobile app development company that guarantees to your mobile app highly secured. To ensure app security, we follow proper encryption and up-to-date data security techniques.

We also employ an in-house testing team who test your mobile app along with the app developers. We use different manual and automated testing tools to make your app free of bugs. Nevertheless, if you want to do it yourself, you can test the app and share your feedback with our team.

Yes, to make your app idea secure, we prefer signing NC and NDA contracts when you hire us.

We have dedicated specialists who are experienced in the marketing and app submission processes. We will make you informed about the entire procedure. We prefer using in-app promotions, official and unofficial app stores, direct advertisement through social channels, analytics tools, and various other ways to market your app.

Yes, of course! Our certified mobile app development team will assist you in uploading your mobile app to the App Store. We have already uploaded many apps successfully without charging any extra cost from our clients.

Yes, we can do it for you. Our app development team will serve you the best and make changes in your mobile application as per your needs. Hence, keep in mind that if you want modifications after launching the app, it will be chargeable.

We can quickly build a mobile app for your website. By using cloud databases, we synchronize all the data across your website and mobile application.

We provide full-cycle solutions when it comes to mobile app development. From generating ideas to post-sale support and maintenance, we will support you at every phase and ensure that your mobile app is bug-free and stays updated.

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